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Ahoy, maties, and welcome aboard the good ship, Cooking for Pirates.

Pirate Foods during the Golden Age of Pirates (1650-1725), were a variety of meats, cheeses, fish, fruit, nuts, vegetables, breads, lots of herbs and spices, fermented, pickled, smoked, dried, salted, most always accompanied with beer, wine and rum.

Cooking for Pirates will explore Pirates around the world, their lore and food. A great resource is William Dampier who published his A Voyage Round the World in 1699. We will present Pirate food that is unique in its vibrant tastes, deliberately created textures, and nutritious ingredients. It is for preparing healthy comfort food at home. Some are quick and simple to prepare. Some take several hours of elaborate preparation over a Sunday in the kitchen by yourself, or with family or friends.

So, Welcome. Stay a while and Enjoy.


I am a Foodie. I like Pirates.

I love the freedom and adventure of travel, the camaraderie of friends, and sharing great food and strong beer, fine wine, and grog. Just like Pirates, Privateers, Corsairs, Buccaneers, Filibusters and Scurvy Seadogs and Scalawags.

Food has always been something special to me since I was very young. My Mom always prepared lots of different and great tasting food. In my early 20’s, I was paying good money in restaurants for food that didn’t quite satisfy. Traveling introduced me to a lot of local fare and that broadened my perspective of what really great food can be.

So, what’s better than to cook at home and create tastes and aromas that do satisfy? The result is great tasting Healthy Comfort Food. Now my own style has emerged and that’s what I’m sharing in these pages.

Why the reference to Pirates? Pirate lore is a hobby of mine. I read books on Pirates, listen to sea shanties, follow FB Groups, post Pirate jokes, and follow Pirate Festivals from Jamaica to New Orleans to the UK. Food, rum, tall ships, and thar be Women Pirates and Wenches! Thar’s a gun shop in Halifax that refurbishes muskets and pistols of that era. Thar’s even a Jolly Roger Kilt that I ‘ave me eye on.

Doing research, I found: What did Pirates eat? And it was, ‘OMG, this is the way I cook!’ I must be a Pirate in another life. This is Pirate Comfort Food.


I’m sharing this because over the years folks have given complements such as, “You’re blowing a hole in my diet, I’m going back for my 4th serving.” “You can’t get stuff like this at Razoo’s.” “You can’t get anything like this at the Cheesecake Factory.” “Oh, how delightful.” “I hate to tell you, Michael, my parents were like a couple of little piggies, saying, ‘Oh my God, where did you get this? Who made this? This is so good.'” I could almost hear the oink, oink, snort, snort as they hunched over their plates, quickly forking full bites of a ‘modified’ spaghetti sauce into their happy, mystified faces. So, I know my food is different and good.

I’ve wanted to write a cookbook for ages and even dreamed about opening my own bistro and call it Oat Couture. Also, I’m sharing because there are things that I’ve learned that might help you be better cooks, healthier cooks, more unique cooks, expand your repertoire of recipes, be sought after cooks.

And for ye who be Pirates, ye’ll be happy learning about Pirate food, some Pirate history, and cooking some authentic, some tradtional foods that ye brethern Privateers enjoyed years ago.

So, ye be onboard?


The purpose of this blog is to provide a deeper understanding of healthy cooking for the present cook and the initiate. Maybe you wish to be a more exploring cook. To be healthier and create more satisfaction with ‘you are what you eat.’

Always be yourself, unless you can be a Pirate, then obviously, be a Pirate.

The goal to this blog is to present in detail the healthy comfort food recipes that I love. These are unique, delicious, healthy recipes that you may love, too. Included will be descriptions of techniques and ingredients. Just to provide a means to explore the world of cooking at home for fun and health.

And to enjoy it more, I’ll be cooking with ingredients that Pirates used and maybe even be sharing a bit of the history of the Pirate world that has fascinated so many through the years. Maybe many modern Pirates will join with us for Pirate party recipes and welcome other Buccaneers into their homes for fun and frolic.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Or you can always drop me a line at michael@cookingforpirates.com.

Do we have an accord?

Cooking for Pirates, where every meal is a party for a Pirate.

Pirate Mike – Pirate Foodie

Cooking for Pirates – Pirate Party Food Ideas


    • Thank you, Catherine, for your encouraging words.
      I am pleased that you will have some good fun here.
      As Paul Prudhomme signed: Good cooking, good eating, good loving.
      Enjoy…. and please do stop back by.

      Mike – Pirate Foodie

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